1950. NEW YORK
Dance News Award for the best young dancer of the year for his creation in Combat (W. Dollar)

1954. JAPAN
Japanese critics’ award for the best classical and dramatic interpreter

1957. PARIS
French critics’ award for Promethée by Maurice Bejart and Milorad Miskovitch for his rendition of the title role

1959. BRUSSELS          
Critics’ award to the company and Milorad Miskovitch for the productions of Señor de Mañara by J. Carter and The Afternoon of a Fawn by Vaslav Nijinsky

1965. KOPENHAGUE              
Danish critics’ award for dance and artistic interpretation

1968. BELGRADE    
Award of the Belgrade Community for Culture for Juan de Zarissa by D. Parlić with Milorad Miskovitch in the title role

1979. TURIN                
Italian critics’ award for Werther by Milorad Miskovitch as the best production of the year

1979.          ?                                      
CIDAF (Academy for Arts and Culture) award for Il  Sagittario d’oro

1991.     MOSCOW
Award for Cleopatra by Milorad Miskovitch as the best dramatic ballet

Seventh of July Award for lifetime achievement

2002. KIEV
Vaslav Nijinsky Award for lifetime achievement


Silver medal of gratitude for long-term cooperation with the theatre La Fenice and the Venice Festival

Nijinsky Medal, Polish Artists Agency, Warsaw, Poland as a token of gratitude for the celebration of Vaslav Nijinsky’s 100th birth anniversary

Diploma and medal for artistic merit, Rio de Janeiro

Coimbra Medal awarded by one of the oldest European universities for science and culture in Portugal

Nexon Medal at the ballet festival in Nexon Castle

Premio Positano per l’arte della danza  - medal for artistic prominence

Medal of gratitude of the Assembly of the City of Belgrade at the Peace Festival

Diaghilev Medal at the International Dance Competition in Rome

Diaghilev statue, Diaghilev’s top hat and walking stick at the First Diaghilev Festival in Perm                                                                                               

Letter of Gratitude for the long-term support and cooperation.  Lujo Davičo Ballet School

Notre Dame de Montmartre, Patronne des artistes, Reine de la paix, Notre Dame de Beauté, Medal of the Knights of Malta, on the occasion of the 2000th anniversary of Virgin Mary’s birth
(Milorad Miskovitch represented the artists in the Knights of Malta)

Milorad Mišković sa kapicom