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The alliance between book and dance does not go without saying because the art of a dancer is in the ephemeral movement and the role of the book is to keep things in place.

Theirs is a more secret alliance: the book provides the spirit with the rebound, the invention based on words, seemingly immobilised by it, yet which literally dance the choreography of meaning, whilst the dancer, if he is gifted, writes in space the text of a meaning inaccessible to intelligence alone.

It makes me happy, therefore, to hail, on behalf of the Director General, Mr. Koïchiro Matsuura, the perfect success of this work dedicated to a great artist. It is true that M. Miskovich’s extraordinary personality called for this tour de force: an outstanding dancer, was he not, notably within the context of UNESCO as the president of the International Dance Council but also so much else, a man of letters, the word, the action?

As the inspirer and organiser of major events the memory of which lives on, M. Miskovich knowingly showed how much the art of the grace par excellence which is the dance has succeeded to communicate the message of peace and respect for the human dignity the both of which lighten the burden of sorrows borne by the humankind.

On the occasion of this jubilee I am happy to hail this outstanding individual, the art he incarnates and the cause he has always served: intellectual and moral solidarity with the humankind.

Françoise Rivière,
UNESCO assistant Director General for Culture

Preface from Ms Françoise Rivière, UNESCO assistant Director General for Culture,
to the monograph about Mr Milorad Miskovitch ”Dancing Life”